CMG Customer Self Service (CSS)

City of Miami Gardens EnerGov e-Permitting System Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal

The Miami Gardens Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal is the next-generation service site for the City of Miami Gardens permitting, planning, business tax receipt, and code compliance records, applications, and requests.

From CSS users can complete multiple City processes for the application or completion of Permits, Plans, Licenses, or Code Compliance Cases. Users can view the current status of a Permit, Plan, or Code Compliance record, as well as request for inspections, or review their plan submittals.

Features include multiple search types from a centralized location that performs searches across all records. It also provides the ability to search by parcel (folio) number and keywords. Additionally, the new site is mobile-friendly and improves the display of information to the public.

Other features include:

• Fee Estimator

• Saving and deleting draft applications

• Exporting search results including your payment activity to Excel

• The ability to upload attachments at multiple stages of the application process

• Automatic registration for instant access to services

• Enhanced shopping cart feature allowing users to simultaneously pay multiple invoices associated to their account

• Expanded access to record data

• New summary page for applications under review

• New personalized Dashboard that identifies items needing attention for easier management of items associated to your account

Please click on the link below and create a login to access:

CMG Customer Self Service (CSS) Portal

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