Flood Information

  1. Damage to Your Home or Business

    The City of Miami Gardens' floodplain management ordinance includes a rule that is known as the 50% rule.

  2. Elevation Certificates

    The City of Miami Gardens has a free service for its residents and business owners.

  3. Flood Disasters

    By choosing to purchase flood insurance, you can't lose.

  4. Flood Facts

    Take a look at facts about Floods.

  5. Flood Insurance

    Did you know that standard hazard insurance on properties does not cover flood damage?

  6. Floodplain Functions

    Floodplains in our City serve a beneficial purpose to our quality of life.

  7. Flood Protection

    There are things you can do to minimize or eliminate property damage before a flood event occurs.

  8. Local Flood Hazard

    The flood hazards we face include rainfall from tropical storms and other weather systems, hurricanes, and other heavy rain events.

  9. Sinkholes

    Besides flooding and hurricanes, there are other hazards businesses and property owners need to be aware of. One of these is sinkholes, also known as subsidence.