Miami Gardens Express


In 2013, City staff retained the services of a consultant to conduct a study with the objective to assist establishing a City of Miami Gardens Bus Circulator Pilot Program.

It was recommended that the City pilot an east and west route, and use a traditional rubber-tired trolley and hire an outside contractor to operate the services.
Express Route Map link
Thereafter, City staff met with Miami-Dade County Transit to negotiate an Interlocal Agreement to authorize the City to provide public transportation services for the operation of the bus circulator. The City Council approved the aforementioned interlocal agreement on April 23, 2014 (Resolution No. 2014-062-2040); subsequently, Miami-Dade County approved it in October, 2014; thereby, introducing The City of Miami Gardens Express!

Pilot Program

During the pilot program, we will start off with 2 buses. The Miami Gardens Express has predetermined stops that conveniently stop at key points of interests and local roads to supplement Miami Dade County's current transit system throughout the city.

The following are our City of Miami Gardens' Trolley Complaint System Procedures, Rights, and Amenity Request Form:

2015-2016 Ridership Report

The MG Express has shown a steady increase in the number of riders for each route. This report shows a 36% increase in ridership since we began service in June 2015.


The City of Miami Gardens is committed to serving the public. That is why we have incorporated the, "We Will" commitment for all passengers; residents and visitors, young and elderly, and for the mobile and immobile.


For more information, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact the Trolley Manager, Natasha Alexander at 786-279-1267.