Flood Protection

There are things you can do to minimize or eliminate property damage before a flood event occurs. Grading your property, elevating and securing electrical appliances, placing all low-lying electrical fixtures on separate electrical circuits, and using flood-resistant materials on exterior surfaces are some ways you can help yourself.


Under emergency conditions, sandbags can be used to shore structures, and elevating or covering furniture and valuables can help minimize damage.

Building Elevation

Buildings can also be permanently retrofitted for better flood protection! The entire building can be elevated, floodproofing materials can be permanently affixed to the structure, or you can add a second story to the building, and use the bottom story for parking, access and storage.

Drainage Projects

To reduce street flooding, the City of Miami Gardens's Stormwater Utility is in the process of identifying, prioritizing and implementing local drainage projects throughout the City.

Please call 305-622-8000, ext. 2648 to report any unusual flooding in your area.

Building Permits

All new construction in the City of Miami Gardens requires the issuance of building permits prior to construction.

Permits are obtained after submittal and approval of building plans. An important part of this review process is the requirement that structures be built high enough and use proper design techniques to protect against flood damage.

If you plan to construct an addition to your house, to build a new house, to fill a property, or for any development, call the City of Miami Garden's Building Department, located at 1515 NW 167 Street. Their telephone number is 305-622-8000. They can assist you if obtaining information on how to submit the necessary permits.


If you see construction occurring without the proper permits, please call Code Enforcement Office, at 305-622-8020, to report these activities. Remember, buildings constructed improperly can be dangerous to the whole neighborhood!

Dumping Policy

Did you know that it is Illegal to throw anything - anything at all! -into the rivers, canals, lakes, bay, the ocean or other waters in the City of Miami Gardens? Do you know that nothing but rainwater is allowed to drain into the storm drains located in streets, curbs, and right-of-ways? Help us keep the waters and streets of the City clean!

If you witness dumping of any liquid or materials into storm drains or waters in the City, please call DERM's 24-hour telephone number, at 305-372-6955, or Crime Stoppers at 305- 471 -TIPS, to report these activities.