Office of Procurement Management

The Office of Procurement Management serves as a centralized purchasing service for the City's various agencies and departments. We make every effort to develop a comprehensive procurement practice, which promotes fair, transparent, progressive and open competition in the procurement process, while developing effective relationships with all vendors. We encourage you to monitor bidding opportunities through our Periscope Bidsync website as this page is updated on a regular basis. To ensure that our website is of assistance to you, we invite you to contact any of our staff if you have any comments or suggestions.

Procurement of equipment's, supplies, goods and services plays a significant role in government. The Office of Procurement Management continues to assure fairness in the procurement process, while providing the highest quality of products at the most reasonable price, in accordance with the City of Miami Garden's Code of Ordinance, Florida Statutes, Federal Laws and NIGP Code of Ethics.


The Division's goal is to ensure that the residents of the City of Miami Gardens receive the best value for our expenditures, while developing best practices, which promotes cost savings and improve operational efficiency.

As a result, we encourage all vendors to participate in doing business with the City of Miami Gardens.

Vision Statement

To achieve the highest standard of public procurement by promoting full, transparent, open competition and highly ethical standards within the procurement process.

Mission Statement

The Office of Procurement Management is committed to reducing the cost of government spending by promoting a cohesive procurement system that ensures integrity and fairness, to acquire commodities, services and construction, while creating opportunities for vendor participation, and encouraging business and residential economic growth within our Community.