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1. What documentation must be submitted with my Local Business Tax Receipt and Certificate of Use applications?
2. Can I apply for a Local Business Tax Receipt and Certificate of Use online?
3. Does my business get inspected in order to receive the licenses?
4. What happens after the inspection?
5. When do I need to apply for a Landlord Permit?
6. What documents are required in order to obtain a Landlord Permit?
7. When is a special event permit required?
8. What is a Re-Occupancy Certificate?
9. How do I apply for a Re-occupancy Certificate?
10. Does a re-occupancy certificate require an inspection?
11. What happens if a property fails a re-occupancy certificate inspection?
12. How do I make an anonymous complaint?
13. Who complained about my property?
14. If I receive a Warning Notice and I need more time to fix the problem, what should I do?
15. My neighbors have violations too, why aren't you citing them?
16. Can I cut a tree or remove it?
17. Who is responsible for maintaining the easement in the back of my property?
18. How do I know if my property is in the City of Miami Gardens?