Who can I contact?

Email us your building permit questions or contact:

  • Osvaldo “Ozzie” Diaz, Director/Building Official - 305-622-8000 ext. 2648 odiaz@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Evelyn Heisley-Sanchez, Executive Secretary – 305-622-8000 ext. 2640 esanchez@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Teneil Lewin, Administrative Assistant - 305-622-8000 ext. 2656 tlewin@miamigardens-fl.gov
  • Jose Rousseau Chief Building Inspector – 305-622-8000 ext. 2654 jrousseau@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Ignacio Scull Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer - 305-622-8000 ext. 2657 iscull@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Jose Porta Building Inspector/Plan Reviewer - 305-622-8000 ext. 2663 jporta@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Jorge Guasp, Chief Electrical Inspector - 305-622-8027 ext. 2646 jguasp@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Jorge Sariego, Chief Mechanical Inspector - 305-622-8000 ext. 2660 jsariego@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Odemar Jimenez, Chief Plumbing Inspector, - 305-622-8000 ext. 2661 ojimenez@miamigardens-fl.gov 
  • Kimberly Otis, Sr. Permit & License Clerk – 305-622-8000- ext. 2662 kotis@miamigardens-fl.gov

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1. Where is the Building Services Division located and what are the hours of operation?
2. Why obtain a permit?
3. What types of changes require a permit at my place of business?
4. As a business owner, can I obtain my own building permit?
5. The following repairs/replacement projects always require a Building Permit:
6. What is needed in order to apply for a Building Permit?
7. How much does it cost?
8. How long does it take to get a Building Permit?
9. How can I check the progress of a permit application?
10. Can I get a building permit application online?
11. Is there a maximum dollar value up to which new work can be done inside my place of business without a building permit?
12. Can the work begin before getting a permit?
13. How much time do I have to get the work done once a permit is issued?
14. Tips for hiring a contractor:
15. How can you tell if you are dealing with a licensed contractor?
16. Why is it important to use a licensed contractor?
17. What do expired permits mean for property owners?
18. Who is responsible for scheduling an inspection when work is ready?
19. When can I meet with someone to and walk in with my permit?
20. Who can I contact?