How does the Pre-Arrest Diversion (PAD) Program actually work?

The Miami Gardens Police Department (MGPD) officer issues the P.A.D. citation and speedy trial release agreement at the time an arrestable offense is committed. If you accept the program, you will sign a P.A.D. citation form. You will have three business days; from the day you sign the citation form, to contact the Diversion Citation Coordinator. You must agree to participate in the program and follow the rules and requirements of the program provided by the selected service provider. The Service Provider will determine the appropriate program services you will be required to complete based on your offense; and you will be assigned a minimum of 25 community service hours. The Diversion Citation Coordinator will assist you in determining where you will complete the hours and set a completion date. The Service Provider will verify with the MGPD Diversion Citation Coordinator regarding your eligibility.

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1. How can the Pre-Arrest Diversion (PAD) Program help me?
2. How does the Pre-Arrest Diversion (PAD) Program actually work?
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