Lillie Q. Odom

Councilwoman Lillie Q. Odom

Lillie Q. Odom


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Council Members are elected by the voters to serve on the City Council. Four are elected from their geographic districts and two are elected Citywide. Council Members participate as equal members of the City Council in deliberating City business and setting policy. 


Lillie Q. Odom gets involved and can be described as a leader as well as a team player, offering her expertise without reservation. Lillie Q or the Queen as her friends like to call her is very resourceful with an innate skill to share her knowledge, life experiences and leadership abilities. She is also a burst of energy and possesses a ray of sunshine which shows in her smile. She has a positive word for everyone in every situation. She demonstrates creativity, fairness, sensitivity and firmness as it relates to her job responsibilities throughout her life time careers, ranging from the Banking Industries, College Arena, and a member of the North Dade Municipal Advisory Committee (NDMAC) as well as servings as the Secretary of the Committee to Incorporate the City of Miami Gardens.

She was the first contracted employee of the city and the First Assistant to the Mayor of Miami Gardens. Councilwoman Odom retired from the City of Miami Gardens as the Community Outreach Specialist, and presently serves as Council member representing area Seat one (1).