Available Properties

Please note: The property listed is being made available to first-time homebuyers that are at or below 120% of the area median income. The 2018 Income Limits table on this page details the 50%-120% AMI (Area Median Income) limits by household size.

For additional information, email Jeannette M. Smith at 305-622-8041 ext. 2300.


  • Application for 3840 NW 210th Terrace (no longer available)
  • Application for 3801 NW 208th Street (no longer available)
*Up to $55,000 of homebuyer assistance is available, per home, based on need. Additional properties will be posted as they become available.
Income Limit Bed/Bath Sale Price Application Information
3840 NW 210 Terrace 
(Vacant Lot)
Up to 120%      4/2 $189,000 *No longer accepting applications for this property.
3801 NW 208 Street Up to 50%      4/2 $160,000 **No longer accepting applications for this property.