Homebuyer Counseling Agencies


In order to participate in the NSP, you must have a Certificate of Completion from an approved counseling agency or counselor for having attended at least 8 hours of counseling or training. This training serves to ensure that you understand how the NSP functions, the home purchase and financing process, and the after purchase responsibilities and cost of home ownership you will incur. You can obtain this counseling in group classes or in one-on-one meetings with a certified counselor. The counseling will cover such topics as: determining your readiness to buy a home, how to manage your money and credit as a home owner, how to shop for a home and financing, and how to maintain your home and finances after your purchase is complete to maintain your home's worth.

We recommend that you complete your counseling as soon as possible, as the information you receive will help you to make informed and wise choices about homes and mortgages. In addition, the Certificate will be required before you can be determined eligible for the program.

Approved Agencies

To view the list of Approved Housing Counseling Agencies in or near Miami Gardens, please view our Approved Agencies (PDF) document.